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Open your list, select New in the command bar, and then select Customize near the top of the form.. Customize your form in different ways, such as those that these articles describe: Change its size, orientation, or both (for example, to make the form wider). At least that's what our developer tells me. KPSC Vaani - Karnataka jobs, flash news KPSC Additional Selection List However, there may be times that a select list is more preferable to checkboxes — perhaps from a visual design perspective or some other reason. There is, … Select List from the Allow: box, and in the Source: box, type =CorrespondingList. By adding the name attribute to the selection list, you use that name to find out what the user selected when the form is submitted. In the above example, we enclosed the select list inside a form. 06/05/2017; 3 minutes to read; j; s; D; In this article. If the Add attachments command is unavailable, your list doesn't support attachments. When you select a list of values that is the Flexfield type, an additional field labeled Range displays. For example, on a Mac, they could hold the command key down, while clicking on their multiple selections. Both checkboxes and multiple-selection select lists can be used to enable the user to select more than one option. 2. Multiple Selections. More important, an problem for her analysis, raised first in Grimshaw (1979) and discussed further in Grimshaw (1981), is immediately solved — but only if c-selection does not exist as an independent lexical property. You have to enter the entries in the fields in 'Additional Selections' manually in transaction KE24 after you get your variant. Select lists are created using a combination of the HTML *

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